Cry Cream: It’s a sparkling way to cry and still shine
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Cry cream


A good cry is the best relief

Countless social obligations, a packed work agenda and absolutely no time for sports. When on top of that a fine appears on your doormat and you and your loved one get into a big fight, it’s getting the better of you. Fat tears roll down your cheeks. Such a relief to just bawl your eyes out.

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Whether you’re feeling sad, powerless or frustrated, the sparkling Cry Cream will
help you run tears down your cheeks. This cream will protect the top layer of your skin during those vulnerable moments. While your tears are causing the much needed relief and comfort, the cream also provides a fabulous look!
Such a pleasure.
A good cry in a jar
Cry cream

Hydrophobic substances are substances that are water-repellent and cannot, or very poorly, be mixed with water. This way, water does not adhere to the skin and does not penetrate the pores, but forms drops that easily slip off the skin.
It ensures that no evaporation of moisture takes place in the horny layer.

Urea is a natural substance produced by the liver during protein metabolism.
It retains moisture in the skin, preventing your skin from drying out. It will leave your skin optimally hydrated. Urea also eliminates excess skin scales.

What few people know is that the sun also affects the skin barrier. Good sun protection is therefore important, with a minimum factor of 30.

Furthermore, the moisturizer contains a biodegradable glitter substance.

*All of these ingredients are fictional.

What if in the future crying would symbolize strength instead of weakness? Based on the shift from individualism to collectivism, the Cry Cream visualizes the growing need for social connections. Showing emotional fragility becomes a visual message to your surroundings with the help of the cream. It embodies the longing for vulnerability, comfort and relief, as well as the enjoyment of a good cry. Would you use it? Buy your jar here…

My new project is going nowhere. This is the second day of blank staring and it’s frustrating that I can’t seem to channel my creativity. I’m out of inspiration, my head just feels empty. I feel so powerless. For the third time this day I secretly light a cigarette. I haven’t smoked in years, but since last week I just couldn’t resist the urge. While inhaling I immediately feel guilty. This will only make me feel worse.
I decide to go for a walk, just to clear my mind. Despite the grey weather, the city is bustling. I notice my breathing is calming down with each step I take. It starts to drizzle, but I’m determined to finish my 5k walk. When I turn around the corner at the church, I bump into someone. I don’t quite realize what has happened, but I hear a familiar voice. ‘Emma! I’m sorry! What a coincidence to bump into you here.” My old friend from high school looks at me with a big smile. I freeze in fear and the feeling of powerlessness engulfs me again. Tears roll down my cheeks. Without me having to say anything, she gives me a big hug straightaway. My body is shaking. Everything’s coming out. Emma’s taking a jar out of her bag. “Put this under your eyes”. I put the stuff on my skin. I feel the burning feeling under my eyes disappear. Emma looks at me and reaches her arms out. “Come, let’s grab a coffee.” Without hesitation I lock arms with her. “You look radiant!” she says. Tears are still rolling down my cheeks, but I also feel very relieved!

Crying is an expression of different emotions such as sadness, frustration, helplessness, joy, anger or empathy. When we need to cry, the brain sends out a signal to the tear glands. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that warns the tear glands when emotions run high. It’s a sign from the body saying it’s time to restore the emotional balance.

The need for comfort

During a good cry, endorphins are released. These hormones will ease the pain while cheering you up at the same time. Your own body makes sure that you can unload. Crying is actually a psychological painkiller. In addition, crying is also a means of communication to make it clear to other people that we need to be comforted. It always relates to the relationships we have with others. From an evolutionary perspective, tears connect not only mother and child but can unite adults too.

Shame of losing control

Despite our human need for comfort, connection and association, we often don’t feel very comfortable with crying in public. Even today, crying is often considered unprofessional and weak. We quickly assume it means you’re not in control of your own emotions. Yet 50% of people say they feel better after a good cry. Both the comfort of the physical reaction and the emotional support from the environment provide a sense of relief.

Apply the glitter cream so that someone else sees you’re sad, for a beautiful glow and for hydration.

Hydrating cream with glitters for that sparkling glow.

Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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