Healing ritual: Clear your mind while following this Healing Ritual
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Healing ritual


Dosis me-time

The fear of failure, of not being good enough, saying or doing the wrong thing, we all know it. Download the Healing Ritual prescription straight from your Zorro account, after purchase.

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The healing ritual is a personal tool to embrace your struggles, vulnerabilities and feelings of shame, put them into words and into perspective, and ultimately address them.
Clear your agenda and mind, and follow the steps of this healing ritual. A delightful dose of me-time to be able to face the other person openly again.
Download the Healing Ritual prescription straight from your Zorro account, after purchase.

Step 1: Purify the energy around you by sprinkling salt and water. The water visualizes the rinsing of the room you are in. The salt absorbs any negativity.

Step 2: Try to relax. Take a deep breath in and out. Bring your attention to your breath and attempt to focus wholly on your breathing.

Step 3: Clean your hands and face with water. When we become overwhelmed by feelings of shame, aversion and rejection, our confidence gets damaged. Water symbolizes the healing power that restores our sense of confidence. It brings us closer to the inner conscience.

Step 4: While cleansing, focus on your feelings: How do you feel? And why?

Step 5: Massage your feet. According to Ayurvedic teaching, your feet represent the entire body. Massaging them has a grounding effect. It will dissolve any blockages and you’ll start to feel your energy flowing slowly. Take a moment to reflect on this experience. Express to yourself how you feel. By looking at ourselves, we’re holding up a mirror to our humanity.

Step 6: Finally, we fill the space with new positive energy and warmth. Show empathy towards yourself and others. Visualize recharging your own energy.

A growing need for connectedness and social connection. The ritual visualizes a potential approach to satisfy this need. It is not about getting the best out of yourself but about meaningfulness. Nor is it about your individual goals, but about connection with yourself and leaving room for your vulnerabilities. Acknowledging that life is messy, sad and anything but perfect at times, makes real connection possible. Would the ritual help you to stay close to yourself when you are facing someone else?

I’ve gone too far. I feel like I’m losing myself. Yesterday I had a banging argument with Milan and we haven’t exchanged a word since. I can be so annoyed by his way of acting. As soon as negative tension arises between us, he withdraws. He spent the whole day in his office.
Today I start my day with the ritual straightaway. I have a tremendous need to reconnect with myself. First I take the time to purify the hectic energy around me. Fortunately, my breathing calms down a bit. I notice that my negativity disappears into the background. Then I cleanse my hands, feet and face, forgetting about time. I look back on yesterday’s situation. I felt so terribly unheard and misunderstood. While massaging my feet, I try to find out why I felt this way.
I’m in constant conflict with myself about my appearance and my role as a partner. I often feel that I am not attractive enough and fall short. I know very well that these thoughts are not realistic, but my insecurity took over and so I took it out on Milan.
After my feet have been massaged, I notice that my body feels much more relaxed. I stare at myself in the mirror for a while. “I am aware that these feelings are deeply rooted in my mind and that Milan doesn’t know about this,” I say to myself. The situation yesterday was just as painful for him as it was for me. In the meantime, I have reached the last part of my ritual. While the flame is burning I feel my optimism returning. I don’t want to play that game with my mind. I take a very deep breath and decide to share my story with Milan.

In the West we grow up in a society that is focused on the self. We celebrate our individuality and we’re in need of self-development. Yet there is an ever-growing need for communities and connectedness. The church used to offer us identity, safety, security and the foundation for a social network. Emancipation and globalization led to an individualistic movement. From that moment on, choices were no longer made based on the group to which you belonged, but more and more on the individual and one’s own independent choices. Nowadays, people are increasingly experiencing the downside of individualism. We always want to get the best out of ourselves. We want to look perfect, maintain perfect relationships and have a perfect career. Our obsession with makeable happiness and our individualistic mindset make us want to solve our everyday struggles by ourselves. Self-help book after self-help book. We believe it makes us healthier, happier and more successful. However, accepting and sharing the vulnerable, imperfect and everyday struggles can create a stronger sense of identity and connectedness.

This ritual is a way to get closer to yourself. The focus is on taking care of your body, mind and relationships. It’s about acknowledging that sometimes life is messy, sad and anything but perfect. You are allowed to be vulnerable. And that is precisely the key to connecting with yourself and your surroundings. Your feelings of shame are placed in a wider context. This enables you, without letting go of your principles and values, to emerge from the ritual with more courage, self-compassion and connectedness.

An online recipe to perform the 6-step healing ritual.

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