Longevity kit: A box of meaning of and a shot of happiness

Longevity kit


Buying time

A box of meaning with compass cards to reflect on your life, plus a shot of happiness to raise a toast to the next stage.

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Have you embarked on the rejuvenation path yet? This ‘Longevity kit’ is the perfect solution to give direction to your extra time on earth. Have you been dreaming of a missed career opportunity for years? You can do it now! Or do you get more satisfaction out of starting another family? The world is at your feet.
We all want to grow older that way! Don’t we?

The ‘Longevity kit’ offers the possibility to reflect on your life step by step by using guidance cards (box of meaning) and offers a medicine that counteracts aging processes in your body (shot of happiness). Reflect on life events that have had an impact on your vision, behavior and way of living and think about how you are going to fill in the ones that lie ahead. With a shot of happiness, you will have a wonderful time waiting for you…

Doosje zingeving & shotje geluk
Longevity Kit - Product of the future

Compass Cards: 6 steps of self-reflection, with the final question: what are your plans for the future? And if so, how will you use that time?

Step 1: mapping out the 8 most important events in your life. You do this with the help of a timeline.

Step 2: Next you put these life events into words by describing them. Life events are key moments that have had an impact on your vision, behavior and way of life. These can be big events such as a death, but also something small such as a conversation with someone. These events influence your sense of happiness and satisfaction and tell a lot about your development.

Step 3: Answering the reflective questions. By reflecting you get a clearer picture of your development and the influence these events had.

Step 4: is intended to engage in conversation with another person about life, meaning and happiness.

Step 5: You have now created a clear overview of your personal development. The 5th step is to make meaningful plans for the future.

Step 6: The moment has arrived! You now know what your life has been like so far, what defining moments there have been and how you want to give meaning to the years ahead. Consider how determined you are to actually implement your plans for the future. Would you take the shot? Cheers to happiness!

Every 10 years we get two years of life extra. This is equivalent to a free weekend every month. We can control our brain and body more and more, and thus our longevity. What if we live to be 125 years old? Or what if death no longer has a grip on us?

We’ve been prolonging our life stages for a while now. The arrival of clean drinking water, antibiotics and a hygienic lifestyle has made it possible for us to live longer. The industrial revolution gave us another stage of life, namely adolescence. There was room to go to school and study, instead of being put to work at the age of 12. At the beginning of the 21st century, the discovery stage was added. A third gap year at 28 or a new love at 70? It’s all possible! How will we develop as human beings when there will be more time, and thus another new stage of life?

“Anything is possible in life, if you just want. A large group of people in society grows up with this sentence. It appears as if we can create anything: your own Instagram account, your face at the Botox clinic, even organs from the 3D-printer. With developments like this, it almost seems as if we are able to control everything. Yet we are afraid of losing the value of life. There is also the expectation that you will have to do something special to make life meaningful. But how meaningful will life still be if we are given more time? Or even all the time in the world?

Would you use the longevity kit and add new stages of life? Or would you rather aspire to have less time?

The rejuvenation medication: what an incredible hit it has become! It appears to be a new showpiece. Without a second thought, people are taking it. Like they’ve bought a new car. I don’t know if I’d want to live to be 120 at all. How do I fill up this time? I’m 60 now and I’ve been through a lot. My friend did take the medicine. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Yesterday she came home with a Longevity-kit. Grinning from ear to ear, she handed it to me. “I don’t want to persuade you any further, but I think you should give it a try,” she said. When I opened the kit, there was a step-by-step plan and a shot of the rejuvenation medicine in it. This morning I reluctantly began using the Kit. I have looked into my life so far. I was amazed at how much I’ve done in these 60 years and the steps I’ve taken. But it can be quite confronting at times. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but some things I would have done differently afterwards and there are other things I’d still like to do. I secretly like the compass cards from the longevity kit. But whether I
will take the rejuvenation medication, I don’t know yet. Time will tell.

For years, researchers have been working on the development of so-called senolytics, drugs that target damaged cells in the body. The cells in our body divide themselves on a daily basis. Damaged cells are left behind. This is a normal process. Some cells die and are cleared by the body, but others remain inside the body. These remnants cause an inflammatory reaction in the body, which results
in age-related ailments. Senolytics have already been tested on mice. In young mice the aging process is slowed down, and older mice get a nicer coat and are physically more active. The side effects of senolytics are still being studied. Imagine it will be made available to humans in a number of years…

The shot in the longevity kit contains these so called senolytics. When you take this shot, the aging process is slowed down, giving you some extra time!

Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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