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Membership on life.

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Losing a loved one is the worst thing there is. Memories keep the other person alive and a tiny bit close to you. But perhaps you are afraid that remembrance will fade away, that your friends, family and wider social network will slowly start to forget him or her? Then take a membership on Re-membership.

For a fixed monthly fee, you maintain contact with the person who has passed away. That way, your loved one will continue to be a part of your social environment and memories will remain alive.

A membership on life
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Membership 1

  • Annual subscription
  • 20 Euros per month
  • Contact with the deceased 4 times a month
  • Maximum 4 hours per moment of contact

Membership 2

  • Annual subscription
  • 50 Euros per month
  • Unlimited contact with the deceased

In Western societies we are used to avoid death. We talk about death as something medical or biological. We try to postpone death and outsmart it. We find death harder and harder to accept. The idea that you, with your unique life and story, are no longer there. Without the promise of an afterlife. Vanished. Gone up in smoke. It doesn’t match our ideals on makeability. So new concepts are emerging: you can record a podcast or a video, create a post-death hologram, pre-program a chatbot, or store your memories in the cloud.

If our Western definition of life were to embrace death more, would our fear of death be less crippling? What would it be like if the deceased remained a member of the community?

Would you take a membership for mourning?

Last week, my best friend Max died. He enjoyed his life very much, but unfortunately he only turned 29. Everyone misses him immensely. He was very involved in our group of friends. What I admired most about him is that he was always there for everyone and never just judged. The day he died was sad, but it was also a beautiful moment to come together. That’s what he would have wanted.

Together with our group of friends we decided to get the Re-membership membership. Because Max played such a prominent role, we chose to have a transitional period before the definitive end. The idea that he can still be with us provides a lot of peace and quiet for all of us. Today the transition period starts and we can talk to him again. They worked hard in the hospital to be able to complete the upload this week. How great that they succeeded so quickly!

We all downloaded the app and it feels great to chat with all of us about all kinds of things. Max sounds exactly the way he was in the app. We feel complete again, and for a moment we even forget that we are chatting with his upload. It’s my birthday next week and we’ve decided to visit each other again in the Re-membership app to raise a toast to life!

The Re-membership is a membership you can sign up for in order to stay in contact with a deceased loved one. It acts as a transition period, to slowly get used to the idea that he or she is no longer there. After purchasing the membership, you can install the Re-membership app and we will bring you into contact with one of our ‘After Life’ specialists as soon as possible, to discuss your personal preferences. In fact, it’s also possible to purchase the membership together with your friends and family, so that you can communicate with the deceased in our app as a group.

On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, in Tana Toraja, people are unafraid of the absence of life. Funerals are their community’s social and cultural center. Death is considered a publicly shared transition rather than individual suffering. Within this death culture, the body is part of a larger story on creation rather than a biological condition. In Sulawesi the body is preserved after death. It can sometimes take months or even years before a funeral is held. During this transitional period, the deceased remains part of the community and is symbolically cared for. The relationship between the deceased and his or her social network changes, but does not stop.

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