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Future Store

Welcome to the store of the future

The Future Store finds its origin in research on the future of faith, hope and love. The most basic and intimate, human and meaningful, subjects of all. Themes that are closely connected to human experience and have great relevance, but at the same time can be difficult to talk about. What does the future bring for love?
How do we find each other amidst this hyper-individualistic society and what gives us pleasure when most stimulants are banned from our lifestyle lists? This store is a quest for new answers in the coming age. You can discuss, think ahead and decide if any of these possible futures suits you.

What’s in store for the future is part of Buro Zorro, the agency for the future. Our researchers hunt for innovations and trends, and explore our ever changing needs. They design new and speculative products for future humans, that you can check out and buy today.

Jeanneke Scholtens is the owner and founder of Buro Zorro. Together with the team behind this agency, she explores the future and conducts trend research.
She shares the outcomes with public, press and businesses through articles, interviews, lectures, keynotes and workshops. She wrote the much talked-about book Holy Fuck, on the future of sex. She appeared in – among others – Happinez, Zembla, EenVandaag, De Coen & Sander Show, de Telegraaf en &C.

Kim Timmer is a trend hunter and marketing strategist at Buro Zorro with a healthy fetish for image. Art schools, galleries, exhibitions and art fairs are constant sources of inspiration for her to discover the youngest trends and talents out there.

Anne Abdoel is a speculative designer at Buro Zorro. She designs alternative scenario’s for the future, inspired by the trend research the agency conducts.

Whatsinstoreforthefuture is a store created by Buro Zorro.
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